Berlinopen 2019 - en

The third round of the tournament started with a strange surprise. Before the round was opened, representatives of the town hall informed the tournament management that the sale of drinks to the participants was no longer allowed. The reason for this is one of the more than 100,000 regulations in Germany, which only permits the sale of drinks if a temporary restaurant permit has been issued by the organizer. Not only that we could not know anything about it, it is also relatively unclear what it actually is and where you can get such a permit from. The employees of the town hall were of course in the right and so there was nothing else for us to do but to follow. In order not to let the players sit completely "on the dry land", the tournament management decided without further ado to pour water and coffee free of charge to the participants against the cup deposit. One never stops learning...

The tournament itself. After the first two rounds brought 48 participants with a 100% result, it was to be expected that there would be more draw games and the top overall smaller. The first two players from the top who scored were the grandmasters Grzegorz Nasuta from Poland and Rene Stern from Berlin (against Johannes Tschernatsch from Potsdam, see adjacent photo).

Eric van den Doel, the Dutch starting number 2 of the tournament, also had more trouble than expected with his "compatriot" Florian Jacobs. After a game with a very complex position everything dissolved more or less in favor and one finally agreed also here on a draw.

The other tournament favourites played their strength very routinely against their opponents, some of whom had a much lower score. Matthias Blübaum finished his game on board 1 after a little more than two hours, Ivan Salgado Lopez, Pier Luigi Basso and Jiri Stocek also won relatively quickly.


The tournament is very difficult for the players of our club and only a few could achieve a success in this round. Detlef Just, already in the first round with a grandmaster in the duel, got in the third round again a grandmaster drawn by lot. His game was balanced for a very long time, even though his opponent might have had a visual advantage. When the time became very tight, Detlef decided to win back a previously given pawn for whom he got an active puzzle game. Instead of this plan he could have played permanent chess and the subsequent analysis did not show how the grandmaster could have escaped - not even the electrons found a way. A pity, but nevertheless a very good game. In addition, Detlef is only there after the round with one point from three games, but with an opponent average of ~2,400 Elo, which corresponds to a performance of about 2,200. All attention!
August Hohn could reach a draw against Erwin Weber, Thomas Karyah against Christian Timm and Dr. Karl-Heinz Hesselbarth against Julian Janoschka. Tom Kraft even won against the player from Hing Kong Kwan Ho Lee. Congratulations!