Berlinopen 2019 - en

In the second round of the Berlinopen there were the first bigger surprises. In addition expected 1-0-1-0-1... in the result list was interrupted at several places also in the front field of the table.
The victory of Alfred Parvanyan from Armenia (who plays for the club TuRa Harksheide) against the young US Grandmaster Akshat Chandra is certainly worth mentioning. An excellently led game brought in the deserved victory in the end, even if the grandmaster perhaps did not have the "best day".

Another surprise was the victory of the 14 year old Bagri Advait from Singapore against the Israeli IM Ismael Teran Alvarez. Bagri succeeded in the game to secure against the IM first a quality against an admittedly very strong pair of runners and then in the final to lead his a-Bauern more and more towards the transformation field, which would have cost one of the two runners and the black playing IM did not want to be shown any more. 

There were also the first real dramas to see. So the Berlin FM Robert Glanz got with black into the adjacent position, which was however characterized by both sides very scarce time. Schwarz had just sacrificed his rook to g3, possibly on the assumption that the cue ball with the "counter-victim" on e6 still gives an intermediate chess. But White simply took the tower. Not quite clear whether Robert simply forgot the existing rook on b6 in this position, because he played surprisingly for all 1. ...d3?, which leads directly to the loss after the answer 2. Txe6+. However, from a purely objective point of view, the move 1. ... Kf6 was not enough to save the game. White can simply approach the pawns via the squares f3 or f4 and then also wins zwngsläufig. His opponent Thore Meiwes from SK Lehrte is with an Elo of 2050 more than strong enough to find this easy way to win.



The players of our club showed good performances in the sum, even if not all could be successful. August Hohn defeated his opponent Peter Harbacj from Groß Schönebeck, Detlef Just defeated Nikolaus Kellner (who plays for the Australian federation) and Maik Kopischke defeated Ralf Kramer from Berlin. Tom Kraft reached a draw against Dr. Pietro Massa.