Berlinopen 2019 - en

With the usual 15min delay - why do most participants always arrive 30min before the planned end of the registration? - the 1st round began today in the ballroom of the town hall. The 248 players on 124 boards were paired "classically" against each other, thus the No. 1 against the No. 125 etc. As is well known, this does not allow for any great surprises, but there were nevertheless some. Thus Johannes Hengelbrock could reach a draw against Jonas Rosner from Ettlingen, whereby his opponent had a "scoring advantage" of over 500 points. Even bigger was the surprise for the players Chinguun Sundui, Pjotr van Nie and Konstantin Otte (photo), who even won against such superior opponents. 

A big chance to win was certainly Tom Kraft from our club, who at Brett 17 against the South African grandmaster Kenny Solomon had the win virtually on the board, but in time with only one minute but unfortunately could not find him. Our club member August Hohn, who had a very complex position against the Finnish player Ari Issakainen on the board, but could not hold it in the end, also had good chances.

On the front boards, things were quite clear. GM Matthias Blühbaum won quickly on the 1st board and his grandmaster colleagues also provided quite soon for clear relations on their boards. One exception: the game on board 3, where Detlef Just played against GM Ivan Salgado Lopez and could keep the game unclear for a long time. In the end, however, it turned out that the white Freibauer on a7 was less effective than the Freibauer couple of the Black in the c- and d-line. Rene Stern on board 8 even had to play through to Matt, although it seemed to be rather an oversight of the opponent not to have given up before - he wanted to pull out of chess with his king, but then immediately noticed that it was Matt.

Our turn forced players weren't quite as successful in this round as they might have hoped. However, they are all also in the second half of the draw, so they all got stronger opponents. Are there still some rounds....